investing in Dutch property

Invest with 15-year rental guarantee, returns and social value.

Together with cities and municipalities, we create affordable housing for needy people in the neighbourhood and you can co-invest. In return, you get a nice market-based return, a 15-year indexed rental guarantee and carefree operation.

3 reasons to invest with rental guarantee:

  1. Social value

Contribute to creating affordable housing opportunities for dependents.

  1. Efficiency & security

Returns of up to €6,120 a year and 15 years of guaranteed rental income.

  1. Tax benefits

Reduced VAT rate of 12% instead of 21% and 0% property tax.

15-year indexed rental income with government guarantee.

In return for your social value creation, you get additional tax benefits and financial guarantees. Thus, the government guarantees your rental income for 15 years. This rental income is also automatically indexed, increasing year-on-year. In addition, you pay only 12% VAT (instead of 21%) and do not have to pay property tax.

investing in neighbouring countries
investing in neighbouring countries

Totally hassle-free: local social letting agency takes care of both rentals and maintenance

An additional advantage of this real estate investment is its hassle-free nature. Both the rental and maintenance of your flat are carried out by the local social letting agency. After the rental guarantee expires, you will also get your flat back in its original condition, ensuring a worry-free overall experience.

Invest in new construction projects in central locations.

You invest in a quality new-build project in central locations. Often these projects are in quiet neighbourhoods, right next to hospitals or near motorway slip roads. An important asset for the many young families working nearby.

investing in neighbouring countries

Choose from municipalities where there are many employment opportunities and few rental properties.

An example is Roeselare or Mouscron, which are located in the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis, so there is a lot of demand for affordable housing units. By avoiding the expensive city centres, we still find affordable land that allows us to realise such projects. For you as an investor, this also offers a nice value-added potential. Property prices there can only rise in the coming years.

investing in neighbouring countries

Create quality housing opportunities for dependents.

Soaring property prices are hitting some sections of the population much harder than others. For many single mothers, pensioners or young families, affordable housing is a distant dream. Waiting lists are particularly long forcing them to beyond their financial means to live or making them Have to move out of non-quality property. With this project, you are working very concretely towards a solution. 

Investing is possible from as little as €179,950


Automatic rise

Your rental income is automatically indexed every year.

Up to € 6,120/month

Market-based returns with plenty of security.

15-year rental guarantee

Your rental income is always secure thanks to the government guarantee.

Sample project Residence Henri (4 units still available)

We briefly summarise the project for you:
1. Qualitative new building real estate
2. 15 years guaranteed rental income
3. Automatic indexation of rental income
4. Good location in Mouscron with high value-added potential
5. Create social added value: qualitative housing opportunities for dependents

investing in neighbouring countries

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