Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I visit the investment properties?

Absolutely. At MOMO Estates, we understand the importance of personal inspection when making investment decisions. That is why we organise individual site visits so you can get a thorough understanding of the property you are considering investing in. 

Can I borrow to invest in foreign property?

Certainly, it is indeed possible to borrow for investments in foreign real estate, provided certain conditions are met. At MOMO Estates, we strive to give our clients the best possible guidance in their investment decisions. Therefore, our advisers are ready to review your personal situation and the associated financing options with you in detail and advise you on the best options for your investment.

Do you help with the purchase and tax aspect?

Of course. At MOMO Estates, we believe in comprehensive support for our clients. During the purchase process, our advisers assist you with all the necessary information and guidance. As for the tax aspect, we offer tax administration support and help you understand the various possibilities. However, for specific tax optimisations and in-depth advice, it is advisable to consult a specialised accountant. We can refer you to the right expert in this regard.

Do you also help with succession planning?

Yes, at MOMO Estates we recognise the importance of thorough succession planning, especially when it comes to investments in foreign real estate. Indeed, several countries often have more favourable inheritance measures than Belgium. Our advisers are well informed about these international differences and are ready to advise you on the most advantageous routes for your investments, both in terms of purchase and succession planning. However, for very specific and complex cases, it may be useful to work with a specialised legal adviser or notary.

Are initial consultations free of charge?

Absolutely. At MOMO Estates, we value transparent and customer-friendly service. Initial advisory meetings are completely free of charge and without obligation. Our advisers are happy to take the time to explain everything to you in detail and answer your questions. Should you decide that it is not currently the right time to invest, we will fully respect that. Should you consider investing again in the future, we will still be there for you.

Can I buy the (foreign) property with a Belgian company

Absolutely, it is entirely possible to purchase foreign property through a Belgian company. In some cases, this is particularly advantageous. MOMO Estates is experienced in such transactions and can guide you through the process. However, it is important to take into account the specific tax and legal implications of such purchases. Therefore, we also recommend working closely with a specialist legal and tax advisor to ensure that all aspects are handled correctly.

What is left of the net return?

The returns we present are gross returns. However, net returns may vary based on various factors, including tax liabilities and potential operational costs. At MOMO Estates, we strive for full transparency regarding all costs. We ensure you get a clear and detailed overview of all cost items that may affect the return. During a consultation with our specialist advisers, we guide you through the process of optimising the gross return to the net return, so that you know exactly what you can ultimately expect as a net return on your investment.

How does worry-free management work?

At MOMO Estates, we understand that our clients are looking for a simple and hassle-free investment experience. This is why we choose to partner with a trusted local property manager for each investment property. These managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of the property, ensuring peace of mind for our investors. During a personal meeting with our advisers, you will be informed in detail about the specific conditions and working methods used by these local managers. In addition, there is always an assigned contact person available to you within MOMO Estates, ready to help with optimisations, assist in communication and address any questions or concerns you may have. This ensures you have a clear, transparent and optimal management process.