Starting to invest in property abroad is less obvious than it seems. You will quite quickly come to realise that you are unfamiliar with the regulations and prevailing market conditions. Therefore, the best advice that should help you get started with foreign investment is: do your research and engage with an experienced partner.

What are interesting investment countries?

Your time is precious, which is why location is the first question you should ask yourself. That way, you can immediately focus on the right market and determine what steps to take next. An interesting investment country is different for everyone. Are you looking for a real estate investment in the sun? Or are you rather looking for a value investment in a neighbouring country with a high rental yield?

What are the tax implications of investing abroad?

You can only make a thoughtful choice if you also know exactly what the tax implications of a foreign investment are. Again, this varies from country to country. Does Belgium have tax treaties with the country of your choice? Then you can count on exemption from registration duties, property tax, rental income tax and capital gains tax in Belgium. In practice, you will then be taxed in the country where your property investment is located. This is one of the reasons why MOMO estates is very active in the Netherlands, among others. There, you pay 10.4% registration fees, versus 12% in Belgium, a clear tax advantage.

How do you arrange the practicalities of foreign investment?

This question is basically twofold. On the one hand, the practical part consists of all the administration and follow-up arising from the purchase itself. Just think of the notary, the registration of your purchase and other paperwork related to real estate investments. On the other hand, even after your purchase, it is desirable to be able to call on someone to take care of the daily management of your property for you, a local manager.

Choosing the right partner

Investing in real estate is a business in itself. Investing in foreign real estate is even more so, if possible. That is why the right partner is an essential link in the success of your investment. By calling on a Belgian expert in foreign real estate, you can be advised in your own language. At MOMO estates, even the entire follow-up is done in your own language, with Belgian advisors. Even after your purchase, you are assured of continued professional local follow-up to maximise your rental return in a carefree manner.

Would you like to know whether investing in foreign property fits into your portfolio? MOMO estates looks at it in detail for you.