investing in Dutch property

38% invest less for the same rental income.

NEWSFLASH: real estate in Belgium is yielding less and less for investors. Especially in Flanders, we would rather buy a property than rent one. Consequence: purchase prices have risen sharply but rental prices have remained stagnant. So what if you as an investor could invest with much higher returns?

3 reasons to invest in the Terneuzen region:

  1. A lot cheaper

You pay up to 30% less for the exact same return.

  1. Less taxes

Pay 30% less in registration fees.

  1. Much higher returns

You will receive almost double the rental yield.

Sure of your money.

C'est possible. But so not in Belgium.

What if we told you that you could generate a nice rental income just across the border without having to invest too much? In Terneuzen, for example, you can rent out a property for as little as €1250 a month with an investment of €249,000. In Belgium, you quickly count €400,000 for this. An insane difference for the same outcome.

You can invest in Terneuzen with a loan that pays for itself due to the extra high returns.

Carefree rentals.

Terneuzen is booming!

The port provides a lot of employment there, which attracts people, resulting in more and more people looking for housing. However, the supply of rental housing cannot keep up and the government does not allow enough new construction. As a result, existing property is only increasing in value. A textbook example of market and supply.

So investing in real estate in Terneuzen not only gives you a nice monthly extra. You are quasi always sure of tenants.

Apart from the fact that renting out in Terneuzen gives you financial security, it also comes with the necessary benefits. For example, you pay 1.6% less registration duties (12% in Belgium compared to 10.4% in the Netherlands). On a 300,000 property, that equates to €4,800 less taxes.

Only financial benefit.

3 reasons to invest in the Terneuzen region.

  1. A lot cheaper
  2. Less taxes
  3. Much higher returns

"45% of our customers invest back within 2 years. All the properties are already rented when they are sold, leading to clear and certain returns and consequently satisfied customers."

Arnaud Delattre
Director MOMO estates

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