Anyone considering investing in property abroad should first think about what their ideal tenant looks like. You will soon realise that some countries are much more attractive than others to give your foreign property an optimal rental return. In this article, you will find the ideal characteristics of your ideal tenant and where to invest accordingly. What does the ideal tenant for your property look like?

The ideal tenant has a stable income

That the ideal tenant better have a stable income may seem obvious, it is far from it. Depending on where your potential overseas investment is located, you take full advantage of access to tenants with stable incomes and steady employment. This way, you have a maximum guarantee that your tenant is a good payer.

The ideal tenant rents for longer periods

Letting for longer periods has a number of substantial advantages. First and foremost, it means more peace of mind, as you do not have to search - together with your local property manager - for a new tenant for your property every so often. But - and this is a much more important argument - shorter rental periods are synonymous with more intensive maintenance. Finally, between landlords, you have to factor in getting your investment ready to let again for the next tenant. This costs time and money. Therefore, for your foreign investment, you are better off choosing a rental market with tenants who rent for longer periods.

The ideal tenant is a good family man

Combined with the above characteristics, you also benefit from your tenant being a good housekeeper. You want your property to be occupied by someone who respects you and your investment. A tenant who takes care of your property not only saves you headaches. It also offers financial benefits in the long run, because you don't run the risk of unnecessary damage and you are immediately notified in case of a possible defect, so that worse can be avoided.

The ideal tenant for your property lives in the Netherlands or Germany

MOMO estates' choice to put our focus for investments abroad mainly on the German and Dutch markets is very well thought-out. Moreover, in addition to favourable market conditions, the story of the ideal tenant also plays a decisive role in this story. Both countries are real tenant markets, with tenants who best fit the image of the ideal tenant. So you really get the most out of your foreign investment.

Would you like to know more about our approach? We would be happy to see to what extent we can further optimise your investment portfolio.