Want to invest in property abroad, but preferably not too far from home? Then take a look at our neighbouring countries. Contrary to popular belief, investing in neighbouring countries is more attractive than you might expect. Which neighbouring countries are most interesting for a property investment?

Buyer's market versus tenant's market

Rental yield is an important aspect that helps determine the success of your investment abroad. In that context, you have every interest in investing in a country with a real tenant market, as opposed to the real buyer's market we have in Belgium. Countries with a strong tenant market also tend to have tenant legislation that is pro-landlord oriented. The Netherlands and certainly Germany, come into their own in this respect. Did you know that some 70% of the German population rents?

Which country has the ideal tenant?

What does your ideal tenant look like? And in which of our neighbouring countries does he or she live? It goes without saying that your ideal tenant is a punctual payer who takes good care of your investment. An ideal tenant who also rents for longer periods is even more interesting for you as an investor. Both Germany and the Netherlands meet these arguments. Both countries have a large number of caring tenants with a stable income who prefer to rent on a long-term basis.

Which country offers sufficient tax advantages?

When choosing the right country for your foreign property investment, it is advisable to also look in detail at the tax picture. In Germany and the Netherlands, for example, you enjoy significantly lower registration duties than in Belgium. VAT on your property investment is also lower in both countries.

Peace of mind through professional managers

Invest preferably in real estate in a country where you can rely on experienced and professional managers afterwards. This way, you know that your investment is in good hands, which is the best guarantee for a lasting return on your foreign property investment. Due to the high demand for rental properties, there is also good representation of specialised local managers in both the Netherlands and Germany.

As you can see, the Netherlands and Germany are attractive neighbouring countries to invest in real estate. This way, you spread your investment portfolio in a safe and profitable way. Would you like more information about investing in real estate abroad, but especially in the Netherlands and Germany? MOMO estates will gladly tell you more about it.