investing in Dutch property

Invest with 6,32% gross return

MOMO Estates specialises in high-yielding properties that cannot be found anywhere else in the market. Discover our investment property offer at 6.32%.


3 reasons to invest in workforce housing at the North Sea Port:

  1. Purchase price

The average purchase price around Terneuzen is 35% lower than in Belgium.

  1. Purchase cost

In the Netherlands, you enjoy lower purchase costs.

  1. Efficiency

Efficiency is a lot higher.

Why choose investment property up to 6,32%?

Choosing a property investment with a yield of 6.32% instead of 3.5% can make a significant difference in the long run. 

Over the course of 10 or 20 years, the difference between a return of 6.32% and a return of 3.5% can be significant, amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros in extra income. This extra income can provide more financial stability, security and freedom, allowing you to reach your investment goals faster and more easily.

Moreover, at MOMO Estates, we specialise in identifying and selling only the best investment properties with a yield of 6.32%. Our properties are carefully vetted and selected to ensure they offer high returns without additional risk.

Some examples of our quality renovated properties...

  • Apartment building
  • Purchase: €644,950
  • Gross rent: €36,000/year
  • 5.5% gross yield
  • Dwelling (4 bedrooms)
  • Purchase: €279,500
  • Gross rent: €18,000/year
  • 5.8% gross yield
  • Dwelling (3 bedrooms)
  • Purchase: €269,950
  • Gross rent: €15,600/year
  • 6.32% gross yield

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Find out how we offer you up to 50% more rental income.

MOMO estates is the reference in Belgium for investing in foreign real estate. We are happy to help you with our brochure where you can find all the information you need.

    "45% of our customers invest back within 2 years. All the properties are already rented when they are sold, leading to clear and certain returns and consequently satisfied customers."

    Arnaud Delattre
    Director MOMO estates

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