Investing just over the border in German real estate (out of print).

View us property in the Netherlands for available investment opportunities.

In Germany, you can still find real estate for less than €100,000 with a nice return. Temporarily sold out.

3 reasons to invest in Germany

  1. Purchase price

The average purchase price in Germany is up to 76% lower than in Belgium.

  1. Purchase cost

Purchasing costs are lower in Germany.

  1. Efficiency

Returns in Germany are higher than in Belgium.

Invest in Germany with a Belgian partner.

So you always have a point of contact nearby.

The advantages of German real estate are clear. You get more returns and the property is a lot cheaper. Of course, to invest successfully, you need local expertise.

MOMO estates is your ally in this story. We are your Belgian partner, point of contact and expert for German real estate.

So you can enjoy peace of mind when investing abroad with higher returns.

Invest in Germany with a Belgian partner.

investing in neighbouring countries

Why is Germany so interesting?

You will get a lot more return for the same investment amount.

Germany is a country tailored to the landlord, not the tenant. There are many more professional players operating, which makes the market work much more efficiently.

You can count on solid rental income and stable growth in returns. Due to the shortage of rental properties in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, you will rent very smoothly and have nice returns.


  • You get more returns.
  • Purchase prices are lower.
  • You pay less taxes there.
the ideal tenant for your property

Why choose MOMO estates' offer?

Our offer is always renovated, checked and already rented out. This allows you to invest with maximum security.

At MOMO estates, you get unique benefits that are much harder to negotiate as a private investor.

For instance, we provide long-term leases with local companies, ensuring worry-free, high returns. On the other hand, we can also purchase properties as a group from funds and banks, providing extra competitive purchase prices.

In short, thanks to our expertise, through MOMO estates you can invest in interesting German opportunities that are otherwise hard to come by.

"45% of our customers invest back within 2 years. All the properties are already rented when they are sold, leading to clear and certain returns and consequently satisfied customers."

Arnaud Delattre
Director MOMO estates

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