Investing in Roeselare

Invest in flats in Roeselare with 15-year rental guarantee.

In Roeselare, you can still find newly built properties at advantageous prices. Moreover, thanks to our 15-year rental guarantee, you can rest easy.

3 reasons to invest in Roeselare:

  1. Purchase price

The average purchase price in Roeselare is 21% lower than in the rest of Belgium.

  1. Taxation

You pay less VAT on our offer.

  1. Efficiency

Your return is stable and guaranteed for 15 years.

Roeselare: good rentability and rising property prices.

With our 15-year rental guarantee, you combine the best of 2 worlds.

New construction property in Flanders has risen incredibly fast in recent years. As a result, it is often no longer feasible for investors to purchase property. 

MOMO estates went looking for affordable regions where there is also good rental potential. That's how we ended up in Roeselare. A medium-sized city on the rise where property prices are rising every year.

Investing in Roeselare from €174,900

In Roeselare, you can count on €4,800 rent per year for a new-build investment of €237,900.

Why is the area around Roeselare so interesting?

In the Roeselare region, the big price increases have only just started.

The Roeselare region is located in the west of Belgium. Although the region is economically prosperous due to its proximity to Lille, Kortrijk and West Flanders industry, property prices there have remained stable in recent years. Until now.

In recent years, property prices have risen so much in Belgium that owning a home has become impossible for many.

Investing in Roeselare
Investing in roeselare

Especially in Roeselare, house and flat prices are starting to rise sharply.

Stronger than in most other places in BelgIan. Many families and singles are looking for affordable housing and demand is rising year on year. A godsend to invest while prices are still affordable.

MOMO estates' offers always have high yields, security of payment and completely hassle-free rentals. The offer changes quickly, so be sure to register to be informed of new opportunities.


  • Roeselare is on a meteoric rise with a lot of urban development.
  • Purchase prices there are still affordable.
  • You pay less taxes
  • A big rise in value is coming.

Why choose MOMO estates' offer?

Our newly built properties are sustainably built, well located and smartly designed. As can be expected from new construction, you will normally have no costs for the first 15 years.

At MOMO estates, you get unique benefits that are much harder to obtain yourself

Every property we offer has already been rented out. So you can be sure of your income and get instant returns. You can also take advantage of our hassle-free management and letting service at any time. In Roeslare, you get a 15-year rental guarantee yourself - so you are 100% sure of your rental income for 15 years.

What can you expect from our offer?


Minimum return




Purchase price

What tax benefits do you get?




Property tax

"45% of our customers invest back within 2 years. All the properties are already rented when they are sold, leading to clear and certain returns and consequently satisfied customers."

Arnaud Delattre
Director MOMO estates

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