investing in Dutch property

Invest with 50% more rental income.

Thanks to rentals to port operators around the North Sea Port.

There is a structural shortage of rental housing around the North Sea Port. Thanks to our leases with local port companies looking for housing for their employees, you invest without worries and with 50% more rental income. Thus, you will receive up to 5.00% gross rental income.

3 unique advantages

  1. Purchase price

The average purchase price around the North Sea Port is 15% lower than elsewhere.

  1. Carefree

Rentals to companies are more hassle-free and professional.

  1. Efficiency

Thanks to renting to port operators, you get up to 50% more profitability.

Investing in Roeselare from €174,900

A structural shortage of rental housing thanks to long-term growth.

The North Sea Port is a merger between the seaports of Ghent, Terneuzen and Flushing. On 1 January 2018, the merger agreement between these ports was signed. The North Sea Port stretches over 60 kilometres, 9,100 hectares and two countries: Belgium and the Netherlands.

The past few years have seen an incredible amount of investment around the North Sea Port. Besides many new jobs and employment opportunities, this also created a structural shortage of rental housing for the many new expats and workers. This represents a godsend to invest in!

Of North Sea Port's more than 9,000 hectares, it currently has about 1,000 hectares free for development. Not only will this allow the 550 existing companies to expand, but new ones can also set up there.

A completely new lock to drive growth.

With the arrival of the New Lock, larger seagoing vessels will be able to sail up to Ghent port thanks to the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. It also increases the capacity of the locks, reducing waiting time for inland vessels.

The New Lock will provide better access and smoother flow from the Western Scheldt across Terneuzen to the Ghent Canal and beyond. As a result, the New Lock will create new economic activities in both the Zeeland Flanders region and the Flemish region. This will greatly benefit employment.

investing in neighbouring countries
investing in neighbouring countries

The big advantage: up to 50% more rental income.

Why do port operators pay more rent up to 50%?

Many companies view this rationally and logically. It pays them much more to hire an employee and provide them with accommodation than not to do so at all. Therefore, they are happy to pay a bit more. The cost of a factory not having to run or running at half speed is many times greater than higher rent and continuity.

Moreover, there is also little choice. Expats and workers don't buy property themselves if they will only stay locally for 2-3 years. Renting is often the only option, but as temporary workers, they often catch the eye on the private market. Companies are therefore forced to provide these properties themselves and are happy to pay a bit more for it. Consequently, as an investor, you enjoy up to 50% more rental income on your investment!

The added benefits of renting to businesses:

  • You don't need to look for tenants yourself.
  • You do not suffer from non-payment.
  • You don't have to be responsible for day-to-day maintenance yourself.
  • You have more control than with a private tenant.
  • You can index easily and professionally.
investing in neighbouring countries
investing in neighbouring countries

Top locations to invest in.

The area around the Ghent seaport is and will remain a valuable location.

In the coming years, the demand for high-quality real estate around Ghent Port will only increase. With increasing employment and stagnating supply, investing here is also very profitable in the long term. Anything within a 30-minute drive of major port companies qualifies for the interesting leases.

MOMO Estates has a portfolio of rental properties in this region that you can invest in. Get in touch to receive an overview.

What should you expect? A sample investment:

A newly renovated and spacious 3-bedroom house region of Eeklo. Besides an absolute top yield of 5.1% gross per year, you can also count on nice capital gain potential here. Thanks to leases to port companies, you will achieve an extra high return for this property.


  • Up to 50% more rental income thanks to rental to port companies
  • €1,250 monthly rental income = 5.10% gross rental yield
  • Structural shortage of rental housing ensures long-term added value
  • Total renovation with high-quality materials (energy label B, 148 kWh/m² year)
  • Worry-free management and rental follow-up by professional party on site
  • Purchase price: €299.950 for this spacious 3-bedroom house
investing in neighbouring countries
investing in neighbouring countries

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"45% of our customers invest back within 2 years. All the properties are already rented when they are sold, leading to clear and certain returns and consequently satisfied customers."

Arnaud Delattre
Director MOMO estates

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