Does investing in real estate in the Netherlands or Germany fit into your investment portfolio? In this article, you will find out who benefits most from investing abroad and why. Who are the clients of MOMO estates?

A foreign investment as an alternative to a savings account

Are you looking for an alternative to the persistently low savings rate? Rightly so, as you are losing purchasing power year after year. Real estate is a stable value investment that also offers you capital security. Investing in real estate abroad allows you to enjoy the benefits of a real estate investment without having to invest all your savings in expensive Belgian real estate.

Investing in property abroad as a diversification of your portfolio

Are you a seasoned investor with an existing property portfolio in Belgium? Then it would be interesting to take a more detailed look at your options for investing abroad. Foreign real estate offers you not only the possibility of spreading risk, but also access to property markets with lower purchase prices and more favourable rental conditions.

Investing in German or Dutch property is investing in growth poles

Provided you opt for the right regions, a Dutch or German property investment is a value-proof investment in economic growth poles. Moreover, both countries are known as genuine tenant markets. So you buy property at a substantially lower entry price than what you would pay in Belgium, with a higher return. Your rental income is assured, as is financial stability.

MOMO estates' mission is to make foreign real estate as available as possible in Belgium. We do this with a well-considered offer and a team of experts who help you in your own language. We work independently of banks and guarantee permanent follow-up of your foreign investment by a local manager.

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