More and more bank savers are deciding to look further to see if there is not more return to be earned from the amount saved. The interest rate given when money is put into the savings account does not exceed 0.60% (base + fidelity premium). For many people, this is not worth it, especially when they know that when investing in real estate, there is talk of a return of several percent. Switching from saving to investing in real estate is therefore indeed a profitable choice.

Switching from savings bank account to investment? Only if it can be done safely!

With savings yielding almost nothing anymore, the consideration to invest is understandable. However, it is wise to stress that this is a good choice only if there is room to make an investment. After all, with an investment, you initially lose the money, only to recoup it later and grow the amount. It is good to realise that you should therefore be able to spare the invested amount initially. After all, it is very annoying if you would miss out when you would need the money. In addition, it is important to make a safe investment. In the latter case, you can look at the possibilities within our national borders but it is certainly also worth crossing a border, in this case literally.

Investing in Belgian or German real estate?

Many people see real estate as a safe haven for investment. The demand for housing is as high as ever, and rents seem to be rising relentlessly as a result. While this is certainly the case, it is important to properly consider whether you choose to invest in an investment flat in Belgium or whether an investment elsewhere might be more attractive. We like to bring this choice to your attention because the capital gains potential of flats in Belgium appears to be relatively low. This is certainly the case when compared to investing in residential property in Germany. The choice between investing in Belgian or German real estate is quickly made if you know that the rental market in Germany is many times larger than ours. This translates into returns of up to 5%.

From saving to investing in German real estate

As you can see, switching from saving to investing in German real estate is a very profitable move. This can be turned into an interesting passive income model if a good rental construction is used where you are completely unburdened yourself. Momo Estates can help you with this personally. Our experts will be happy to take the time to discuss all your options and inform you on how to invest in German real estate. In addition, we can accompany you throughout the process if you wish. In this way, we also make the switch from saving to real estate investment as easy as possible for you. Please feel free to contact us to make a non-binding appointment.