Real estate investment abroad requires specific knowledge of the market and local legislation. MOMO estates is a Belgian company with several years of experience in real estate and project development. You will read in this article how we are fulfilling our mission to make foreign real estate as available as possible in Belgium. Discover our expertise for your real estate investment abroad.

Who is MOMO estates?

MOMO estates is a team of experienced experts in the Belgian real estate sector. We combine expertise in various areas such as land acquisition, permit application, development and sales with in-house financing that makes us independent of banks.

MOMO estates: a barrier-free approach to foreign property investment

Our approach aims to ensure that, administratively and linguistically, it makes little difference to you as an investor whether you buy a flat in Belgium or abroad. In short, every contact and all administration is carried out in Dutch. You enjoy the best service, provided by Belgian advisors such as lawyers, notaries and accountants.

You buy foreign real estate from a Belgian company

MOMO estates subjects each property to a thorough quality test. Then we buy the property thanks to our local contacts at very competitive prices. We make it rental-ready and sell it on to people looking for a solid investment in foreign real estate.

MOMO estates offers solution to Belgian real estate pain points

Belgians want to create returns on assets with direct rental returns and value-added creation by buying property. The Belgian property market acts as a constraint in this sense. On the one hand, property prices have risen considerably, while on the other, creating a favourable rental return is becoming increasingly difficult. This is not the case in the Netherlands and Germany, among others. Belgium is a buyers' market, while our neighbouring countries are real tenants' markets. You can reach the ideal tenant with:

  • a stable income and are correct payers
  • the desire to rent for long periods
  • respect for rental properties
  • In other words, MOMO estates offers you an effective solution if you want to diversify your real estate portfolio in a thoughtful way, or if you are looking for a value-proof investment with capital security. Even after your purchase, you can contact your local manager with all your questions. So your foreign investment is not only solid, but also worry-free. Would you like more information? Contact us!