What makes investing in real estate in Germany so interesting? According to the experts at MOMO estates, what are the 5 main reasons to invest in real estate in Germany? You can read it in this article.

1. German property has a very attractive purchase price

If you compare the purchase price of German real estate with prices on the Belgian market, you will quickly come to the conclusion that German real estate is very attractively priced.

2. Germany is a real tenant market

Unlike the Belgian buyer's market, the German property market is a tenant's market. Specifically, you are investing in a market where 70% of Germans rent? Moreover, German rental legislation is pro-tenant oriented.

3. Highly professional administrators

'Deutsche Grundlichkeit' also applies to the professionalism of property managers. Partly because of the high demand, you enjoy enormous expertise and professionalism among the property managers.

4. German property has great value-added potential

You invest in real estate in the economic heart of Europe at a third of Belgian property prices. You are also immediately assured that prices will rise and you will realise a substantial capital gain with your German real estate investment.

5. The German 'ideal' tenant

As an investor and owner, you have every interest in ensuring that your investment property is occupied by your ideal tenant. German tenants have an excellent reputation in this respect. German tenants pay correctly and have a stable income. They are listed as tenants who rent for a very long period of time and take great care of the property, partly due to legislation aimed at correct maintenance.

Most of our clients invest in real estate in Gelsenkirchen, in the heart of the Rhine-Ruhr region and German industry. As with all transactions with MOMO estates, a Dutch-speaking notary takes care of the deed and you enjoy ongoing follow-up by your local manager in your own language.