investing in Dutch property

Invest in housing region of Terneuzen.

Just across the border, you can still find cheap houses with high rents. The region is catching up in a big way, so you can count on substantial increases in value.

3 reasons to invest in the Terneuzen region:

  1. Purchase price

The average purchase price around Terneuzen is 35% lower than in Belgium.

  1. Purchase cost

In Terneuzen, you will enjoy lower purchase costs.

  1. Efficiency

Efficiency is a lot higher.

Invest in Terneuzen with a Belgian partner.

So you always have a point of contact nearby.

The advantages of real estate in Terneuzen are clear. You get more returns and property is cheaper. Of course, to invest successfully, you need local expertise.

MOMO estates is your ally in this story. We are your Belgian partner, point of contact and expert for real estate in Terneuzen.

So you can enjoy peace of mind when investing abroad with higher returns.

Get the most out of your investment with a personalised optimisation plan.



return on equity.

10 years

refund time.


growth at 20 years.

Investing in Roeselare from €174,900

MOMO Estates helps you optimise your investment.

In the Netherlands, you get a lot more return because:

  1. You don't pay sky-high Belgian tax.
  2. Management and maintenance costs are a lot lower.
  3. You get much better returns.

Wondering how to achieve these returns? We will gladly provide you with a simulation and optimisation plan.

In the Netherlands, real estate still pays for itself. Anyone who invests €90,000 now will have paid off their loan after 20 years without making any additional payments.

Why is the area around Terneuzen so interesting?

In the Terneuzen region, the big price increases have only just started.

The Terneuzen region is located just across the Belgian border. Although the region is economically prosperous due to its proximity to the port, property prices there have remained stable in recent years. Until now.

Dutch real estate has always been smaller and more expensive than Belgian real estate. In recent years, property prices rose so much that owning a home has become impossible for many. The shortage is so glaring that it is addressed almost monthly in the news.

investing in neighbouring countries
investing in neighbouring countries

Only in the Terneuzen region have these crazy price hikes not yet taken place.

But Terneuzen is now playing catch-up. There is already a chronic supply shortage and demand is rising year on year. A godsend for investment.

MOMO estates' offerings always feature high yields, security of payment and completely hassle-free rentals. The offer changes quickly, so be sure to register to stay informed about new opportunities. Take a look at our practical dossier on "Investing in the Netherlands".


  • You will get a much higher rental yield.
  • Purchase prices there are still affordable.
  • You pay less taxes
  • A big rise in value is coming.

Why choose MOMO estates' offer?

Our offer is always renovated, checked and already rented out. This allows you to invest with maximum security.

At MOMO estates, you get unique benefits that are much harder to obtain yourself

Each property is purchased by us, inspected and then completely renovated. So you can be sure you are not buying anything wrong.

Every property we offer has already been rented out. So you can be sure of your income and get instant returns. You can also use our hassle-free management and letting service at any time.

Thanks to your personal optimisation plan, you will also earn maximum return on your investment. So you can easily achieve up to 15.43% return on your equity.

Some properties from our offer.


"45% of our customers invest back within 2 years. All the properties are already rented when they are sold, leading to clear and certain returns and consequently satisfied customers."

Arnaud Delattre
Director MOMO estates

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